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The Art Consumption - November 2015


The Art Consumption - November 2015

I'm going to do my best not to make this post about me...

After the release of my latest project "Just Because I Wanted To Give You A Short Mixtape To Listen To", it was impressed upon my heart to share some of my inspirations as an artist.  My latest project was heavily inspired by artists of various genres (not just Hip-Hop) and was a homage to art as a whole.  Plus, I thought it'd be dope to highlight local and distance contemporaries that I think should be highlighted.

Anyway, every other month, I'll be posting everything from music, movies, design, paintings and other genre's of art that are or have been a strong source of inspiration for me.

This month:

Tony G

Tautology [Beat Tape]

Tony G and I have been good friends for some time now and if there's one phrase that I can use to describe his work ethic it would be: Consistent Growth.

Tony G is not only a talented MC but he's an excellent beat smith.  I remember a few years ago, I went to go visit Tony at his apartment to check out some of his tracks just for the heck of it.  They were pretty good even back then but I'm so glad he got rid of that producer tag (inside joke lol).  Since then, I've seen him grow into an incredible artist who has an ear for great textures when it comes to producing -- I would dare to say his production is just as good or better than some of your favorite "Boom-Bap" producers.  And the plus? He's not Xeroxing someone else's style.

Tautology (isn't that a dope name?) is a beat tape that combines a little bit of Hip-Hop nostalgia and some great Hip-Hop production.  Wondered what some of your older favorite Hip-Hop jams would sound like over good gritty and out of the box production? [Click that link!]


Travis Scott

Rodeo [Album]

What? P.A.T. Junior listens to Travis Scott? Yes.  This album is incredible for so many different reasons.  Due to the fear of my inability to keep my feelings about this album short and to the point, I've provided a review from one of my favorite music reviewers on the net.  In short, Travis Scott took what we've coined "Trap Music" to a different level.  It's super melodic, the textures of sound on the production match immaculately, the lyrics are well written and the harmonies in this mug?!  This album is the Oscar De La Renta of Trap-Esque Music.  I'll let Anthony take it from here: